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Life Cover
Life cover, also called Life Insurance, is designed to provide cash for your family after your death. This cash replaces your income and can help your family to continue to maintain their lifestyle and meet their financial obligations – like daily living expenses, bond and car repayments and the cost of education. To really appreciate and understand the need for life cover, consider the following question: If you died tomorrow, would your loved ones cope financially?

After all, in the event of your death, you want to be sure that your loved ones are well-provided for financially - that they won't have to sacrifice their standard of living, or be left with debts to cover, particularly if you are the main breadwinner and they have always relied on your income.

Capital Disability
These days, most families rely on two incomes to keep up a reasonable standard of living… so your earnings are vital to your family's continued security. Now imagine what would happen if you had an accident or illness that left you disabled and unable to continue to do your job. How would you cope without that income?

You need to ensure that you can replace your ability to earn an income and still have money available to deal with the possible consequences of your disability. For example, if a disability leaves you wheelchair-bound, you will still need to cover monthly living expenses such as food, school fees, bond and car repayments. Unless you have made solid financial provision, your lifestyle is going to change for the worse.

This is where lump sum disability cover can protect you and your family in the event of a permanent disability. With a lump sum amount, you are able to settle debts immediately and use what is left to provide you with an income until your retirement date.

Income Disability
Most people believe that if they are working in full-time employment and they suffer an injury, or become ill, that their employer will continue to pay their salary for a reasonable length of time while they recover. While this may be true in some cases, if you are ill for more than two or three months, or if an injury lays you off work permanently, you won't be able to rely on your employer, or even on claiming UIF from the government to provide you with an income in the longer term. . And for those people who are self-employed, this risk is even greater as your income is totally dependant on your ability to meet your customer's requirements.

Income Protection insurance ensures that you’ll receive an income if it happens that you are unable to work and earn a salary due to an accident or ill health after your specified waiting period.

Dread Disease
Dread Disease cover, often referred to as Critical or Serious illness cover, is designed to pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness. Your health and your ability to earn an income are your biggest assets - and that's why you need to insure them - just as you would insure anything else of great value. By taking out dread disease cover now, while you are still healthy and insurable, you will avoid being trapped financially by life's unforeseen events.

You may consider yourself reasonably well protected against the medical costs associated with a critical illness such as cancer or a stroke, or a trauma-related event such as major burns or head injuries, but have you considered the associated financial costs of such an event?